A word from the president

L’AQII, A year has passed already!

For our 2nd year, we are ready for new challenges and ideas. A year has passed since the idea of gathering people of our beautiful industry in Quebec. We can thank the people who were involved with the common goal of putting the pride back into the art of printing. 
We can be proud of what we have accomplished since its creation! 

I invite you to browse our website and learn more on what AQII is and it’s latest information, you can also view a list of our members. This association was founded through our common passion of our industry. I invite you to contact me or contact us via email to better understand your needs and requirements. I personally will make sure to submit all requests to our board of directors for discussions.

We thank you dear members for your support in our association since its foundation and don’t forget that we still need new members like you. We are all ambassadors of printing; don’t hesitate to talk to your colleagues about us! 
I Choose to make a difference in our field by getting involved and I ask you to do the same, with the goal of establishing a united and strong voice that will restore confidence and glory of our industry in the eyes of all Quebecers. 

Looking forward to meeting you all in the near future at events such as our golf tournament in June to discuss the evolution of our beautiful industry.

Denis Leftakis, president of the AQII